Rambla de Catalunya – by M.C. Ferreres

Note to Reader:- I chose to keep the title of this poem in the original Catalan spelling just because it seemed appropriate, so ‘Catalunya’ is simply the Catalan spelling of Catalonia, and ‘Rambla’ (which translates literally as ‘avenue’) refers to a wide, tree-lined road that has a pedestrian walkway running down the middle. Most towns and cities in Catalonia – indeed Spain – have a ‘Rambla’, the most famous of which must be Barcelona’s ‘La Rambla’!


Rambla de Catalunya’

So the Rambla’s Sunday-spirited joy
has engorged itself with lordly decay.
The proud hat – brand Prats – declares to all a “good day”,
sipping vermouth and orxata, loose tongues have their say
and nannies are out walking another’s girl and boy.
Beyond, Mount Tibidabo espies your way.

                                                –   M.C. Ferreres (n.d.)


Original Catalan Text

‘Rambla de Catalunya’ – per M.C. Ferreres
Talment una rambla diumengera,
ha crescut amb trast de senyoria.
El baret -marca Prats- dóna el “bon dia”,
el vermut i l’orxata fan xafarderia
i passeja els infants la mainadera.
Al fons, el Tibidabo t’espia.

(Text sourced from http://www.xtec.cat/~evicioso/bcnes/rcat.htm)