The Royal Square – by Osvald Cardona

Like memories of times just come to an end,
The city of old you rejuvenate.
Silent Square! If new breaths come to agitate
You conserve your own airs, gathering them

Within the quadrant of a pillared porch ornate.
Untouched it leaves your little garden,
Unaided fountains bring forth their burden,
And palm trees sleep in absence of wind to wake.

Your air is lost within the narrow streets;
From these will children come, they with songs replete
And the blind musicians playing melancholy sound.

And old polemicists will arrive with zeal,
Along with groups of folk exchanging stamp and seal,
And a solitary sunbeam that touches all around.

Osvald Cardona (1914-1987)

ps – Experienced eyes will know the above photo is not within Catalonia, however I thought it just fitted the poem perfectly! Kudos if you know where the photo shows…  


Original Catalan Text

‘La Plaça Reial’
Com el record d’un temps tot just finit,
rejovenies la ciutat antiga.
Plaça silent! Si l’aire no* fustiga,
conserves el teu aire, recollit    
(*I think this has been incorrectly transcribed. It should be ‘nou’, English new)
dins el quadrat d’una porxada amiga.
I l’has deixat al teu jardí petit,
i al brollador, que sembla emperesit,
i a les palmeres, que el vent no fatiga.
L’aire se’t perd endins dels carrerons;
per ells vindran infants plens de cançons
i els músics cecs tocant llur melangia.
I arribaran els polemistes vells,
i els grups de gent bescanviaran segells,
i un dit de sol que a tots acaricia.

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