The Beechwood of Jordà – by Joan Maragall

(To help you along with the rhymes, ‘Jordà’ is pronounced ‘jor-DAH’)


‘The Beechwood of Jordà’

Do you know where to find the beechwood of Jordà?
In the heights of Olot, above the plain so far,
you will find a place the deepest of green
the like of which nowhere else shall be seen:
a green of deep clarity like water’s own heart;
the green of the beechwood of Jordà.
The walker, when entering in to that place,
begins there to walk at a slow, solemn pace;
and counting his steps in the still majesty:
he pauses, and hears nothing, and then lost is he.
From the world beyond he takes the sweetest of sleep
in the silence of that place so deep,
and of flight he thinks not, from escape his thoughts are far:
prisoner is he of the beechwood of Jordà,
captive to the silence and dark greenery.
Oh companion! Oh prison that makes one free!

Joan Maragall (1860-1911)



Original Catalan Text

La fageda d’en Jordà

Saps on és la fageda d’en Jordà?
Si vas pels vols d’Olot, amunt del pla,
trobaràs un indret verd i profond
com mai cap més n’hagis trobat al món:
un verd com d’aigua endins, profond i clar;
el verd de la fageda d’en Jordà.
El caminant, quan entra en aquest lloc,
comença a caminar-hi a poc a poc;
compta els seus passos en la gran quietud:
s’atura, i no sent res, i està perdut.
Li agafa un dolç oblit de tot lo món
en el silenci d’aquell lloc profond,
i no pensa en sortir, o hi pensa en va:
és pres de la fageda d’en Jordà,
presoner del silenci i la verdor.
Oh companyia! Oh deslliurant presó!
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