Novelty in the Night – by Josep Carner

Oh sweetest night, to aid us you have come!
To one and all your call is otherworldly.
The signals of all things are moved and undone:
more subtle is the breeze, more lofty the tree.

There dwells in this place an invisible race
and in the moon our spirits have found their guide.
Spoken in whispered echoes is our pace
as softly across the earth our footsteps glide.

Around us change the lessons that time has shown
for upon the gentle hour is love approaching swift.
We have sights and we have views unto our eyes unknown:
you and I are made anew, and so too is our kiss.

Josep Carner (1884-1970)



Original Catalan Text

‘Novetat en la Nit’ – per Josep Carner

Oh dolça nit, al nostre ajut vinguda!
Tot el món es diria incorporal.
El senyal de les coses es trasmuda:
és més subtil l’oreig, l’arbre més alt.
Pobla l’espai una invisible raça
i la lluna ens governa l’esperit.
Comenta amb un ressò la nostra passa
el sòl que havem a penes percudit.
Arreu canvia les lliçons sabudes
l’hora lleugera de l’amor que ve.
Tenim esguards i veus inconegudes:
tu i jo som nous, i el nostre bes també.

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